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About Me


A proven leader, trusted mentor, and strong Christian business advisor.

Born in Freeport, Illinois, Sean‘s early years were full of promise and drive. Family members were influential early on; but as he grew older, Sean received less adult guidance and had few positive role models. An unsupervised youth, he fell in with the wrong friends and trapped himself in a cycle of bad, personal decisions. It was in these formative years that he participated in a horrible crime that led to his incarceration. At 22-years old, he faced a 55-year prison sentence. 

During incarceration, Sean found God and his true-life purpose. With years locked away in maximum security units, he had significant time to evaluate the decisions that landed him in prison. In that process of self-discovery and of God‘s healing, he began to see the superior plan that God intended for his life.  God transformed his heart from self-centeredness to an abiding concern for others. Sean made the decision to renew his mind daily and to allow God‘s will to guide his actions. He found his true purpose and set out to improve himself, in spirit and body. With God‘s grace, he developed into a servant leader, the person he believed he was intended to be. His new path focused on those who needed his help most—his fellow inmates. He began to mentor these men and provide them with a positive role model, the kind he lacked in his early years. His peers grew to count on his advice, as one who could provide a word of strong encouragement, but who could also be trusted to deliver a tough message of change. His life was dedicated , not merely to serving out his term, but to investing his time in others, and through that process, becoming the best version of himself that he could be. 

Sean’s leadership skills, peer influence, and commitment to personal growth and development, opened up opportunities, with support of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), to aid the rehabilitation of men, who deeply needed the hope of changed lives.  As such, he served as a leader in the following roles:


  • Author: A Servant’s Tray (2022-present)

  • Digital Course Creator (2022-present)

  • Community Coordinator Life Anew Organization(2022-present)

  • Board Member Share The Will Organization (2022-present)

  • Founder Open Door Consulting (2021-present)

  • Coordinator Jail to Jobs (2020-2022)

  • Toastmasters Member (2020-present)

  • John Maxwell Equip Instructor (2020-present)

  • Bible application instructor (2005-20)

  • Peer Educator/Mentor (Polunsky unit, 2008-18) 

  • Leadership Program Co-facilitator (Polunsky Unit, 2008-18)

  • Coordinator for the Victorious Living Church (Polunsky Unit, 2010-18)

  • Facilitator of Offender-Led Worship Services (Carol Vance Unit, 2018-20)

Along with those leadership roles, Sean received a pastoral education diploma (2013), was a mentorship trainer for
the Military Veteran Peer Network (2016-20), produced a Safe Prison video, used throughout TDCJ (2013), and
continues as a Toastmasters’ communicator and a John Maxwell certified Equip Roundtable facilitator.
Freedom has provided new opportunities for Sean to continue his mission to help others. He works as a Community
Coordinator for Life Anew, an organization that uses restorative justice as a means of fostering culture and climate in
communities all around the world. Sean authored a book (A Servant’s Tray) and also founded Open Doors Consulting
which equips others with better decision-making tools. He shares God’s Word of hope in his biblical teachings on
radio, social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and his YouTube channel Open Doors to
Better Relationships.




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